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my wholesome italian summer ft. my boyfriend


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Kerry and I went to Italy for a month!!! This video is part one of our month in Italy and we went to Lake Como, Venice, Florence, Cinque Terre and Siena and had an absolute blast. Hope you enjoy the vlog 🙂

where we stayed:
Lake Como: Hotel Belvedere
Venice: airbnb –
Florence: airbnb
Cinque Terre: La Toretta
Siena: Campo Regio Relais

the story of our bad travel day:
basically, we had asked our airbnb host in florence a few days in advance if it was possible for him to book us a car to the train station for the day that we left which he said was no problem
the day before we left, we hadn’t heard back from him so we asked him if he managed to book the car, he said he didn’t but he could call a taxi for us the day that we were leaving, which was no problem by us
so the day we were leaving we got in contact with him, he told us the taxi was 2 minutes away, so we brought our bags downstairs to wait outside. we waited for 30 minutes and asked him a few times if the taxi was coming, to which he said yes, and then after 30 minutes he said ‘you should probably just walk’
the train station was 25 minutes away, it was 37 degrees, we had 2, 30 kilo bags, and we were running late, so we ran all the way there and we were just disgusting and sweaty and annoyed and had to sit in our own sweat for the 2 and a half hour train ride. i also had some gross ass guy on the street catcall me on the way, why some men think catcalling is okay is beyond me???
so we made the train by literally one minute, so so lucky!
we had a welcome email from the hotel in cinque terre saying when we got there we had to walk from the train to the hotel and that it was a 5 minute walk with no stairs, no problems!
there was also an issue at the train station where we were just stuck on the platform for some reason because i don’t know, you had to go down some stairs around a corner and back up to exit the platform but everyone was just crowded around the stairs not going down? it was bizarre
anyway, the hotel didn’t lie about the stairs but the whole 15 minute walk was at a 45 degree incline hahah, i honestly had to stop every few minutes to take a break because our bags were heavy! when we got to the hotel, i was as red as a tomato and so sweaty and the receptionist told us we could have called them and they would have sent a shuttle hahahah which would be an amazing addition to the welcome email
we were just under the impression cars weren’t allowed on that road because they said we had to walk!
so it was a bit of a struggle of a day, but not everything goes well when travelling and sometimes you experience a few lumps and bumps on the way, but that’s okay! we’re still so incredibly lucky to even be able to travel and to be in such a beautiful place, so we showered and went straight out for some lunch/dinner and felt a lot better afterwards

Waking up to another day –
Each day instrumental –
Sunday afternoon by Jeff Kaale –
I’m not sober by clueless kit –
In our hands –

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