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Line of fire (2003) Episode 11 and 12 – Eminence Front: Part 1 and Part 2


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I’ve managed to rescue this from an old disc. So hopefully it plays ok. Episode 11 and 12 from the tv show Line of Fire.

Two rookie FBI agents (Leslie Bibb and Jeffrey D. Sams) are assigned to the bureau’s Richmond, Virginia branch, where their story parallels that of a local mob boss, Jonah Malloy (David Paymer). When a fellow agent is murdered in a shootout with the gangsters, the head of the FBI branch (Leslie Hope) declares an all-out war on the criminal underworld. The following episodes weaved intricately between Bibb and Sams’ federal agency and Paymer’s gang, though the two storylines rarely met head-on, except when occasionally focusing on an undercover agent (Anson Mount).

Mob boss Jonah Malloy’s signature line was “That’s that with that.”

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