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साउथ की ब्लॉकबस्टर एक्शन मूवी – बदमाश | धनंजयन, संचिता शेट्टी, रमेश भट, अच्युत राव


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“Badmaash” is a romantic thriller about Vijay, an intelligent, playful and witty lad and Priya, an RJ and a fiercely passionate Kannadiga who tries to teach Kannada and Indian culture to Non-Indians through street plays and theatrical plays. Right from their first encounter, Vijay develops a strong attraction for Priya which eventually turns to love. When everything seems perfect and romantic, the tone of the tale suddenly changes when a cruel yet highly intelligent villain comes in between them. From now on, how Vijay uses more of his brain like Chanakya to win his love back is what “Badmaash” is all about.

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