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Leap Of Faith (HD) | Documentary On Mental Health


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Every year 800,000 people die by Suicides globally. One person every minute. Little is known about Suicides. We know people kill themselves.

But do we know why? Do we know what could have triggered this decision? Do we know if s/he was in depression? Do we know how we could have helped?

Leap of Faith is an honest attempt to educate individuals about some of the reasons, symptoms, actions that can be taken to prevent Suicides. A team of experts including Psychiatrists, Mental Health Counselors, Survivors, Family Members who lost loved ones share insights. Valuable Info about symptoms, issues leading to suicides across society, prevention methods allowing us to create a happy society.

Mental Illness is not a Taboo, can happen to anyone just like any other illness. Let us all come together to commit to making a healthier and happier society. Collectively we can tame this beast named SUICIDE.

Director: Venkat Bharadwaj

Producer: Murtuza Kagalwala

1. Dr Anjali Chabbria, Psychiatrist, Mind Temple, Mumbai (also the author of the book “Death is Not the Answer”)
2. Dr Cecilia Chettiar, Head of Psychology, Maniben Nanavati Womens College, Mumbai
3. Dr H S Aditya, Consultant Neuro Psychiatrist, NHS UK
4. Dr Ravi Shankar Sharma, Sr Pediatric Consultant, Bangalore
5. Dr Harish Shetty, Consulting Psychiatrist, Hiranandani Hospital, Mumbai
6. Rimpa Sarkar, Clinical Psychologist & Psychotherapist, Mumbai
7. Dr. Chandrashekhar, HOD Dept of Psychiatrics, Victoria Hospital, Bangalore
8. Dr Ravindra, Professor of Medicine, Bangalore Medical College
9. Dr. Gururaj, Nimhans, Bangalore
10. Dr. Gangadhar, Chairman, Nimhans, Bangalore (recently awarded the Padma Shri)

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