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Chicken Run


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For Jose Chavez, Alex Denman Productions, Alex Denman’s 2nd Channel, Walter Salmon’s Cartoon Crossovers, master ultimate, Beatrice Grace, 2-Bit Players, Lincoln Loud, Blossom, lion the fire dragon, 링컨라우드, Powerpuff Connor 2001 and OSCAR GARCIA
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Rating: G

Production Companies: DreamWorks Pictures (International/🌐), Aardman Animations, Pathé (Europe/🇪🇺) & Universal Pictures Home Entertainment

Providers: NBC Universal & Universal Pictures (ZEFR)

Release Dates: June 23, 2000 (United States/🇺🇸) & June 30, 2000 (United Kingdom/🇬🇧)

©2000 DreamWorks LLC, Aardman Chicken Run Limited and Pathé Image All Rights Reserved

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